Sunday, November 8, 2009


I heart the West Loop. I recently had dinner at Veerasway, a "fresh Indian" restaurant.

While we waited for our table, we enjoyed cocktails at the bar. I had the mumtaz maharita, an Indian margarita. It was refreshing; the fresh ginger and cumin added a nice kick. The cocktails are unique, Indian inspired creations. There was great energy in the restaurant.

Upon seating, we were served papadum wafers accompanied by three chutneys: cilantro-mint, tamarind, and yogurt. We loved the cilantro chutney so much that we asked for more, but the second time it was watered down and not nearly as delicious.

We started with bindi chat fry and samosas stuffed with potatoes and peas. And cocktails, yummy ones.

Bindi chat fry is okra finely sliced lengthwise and fried, seasoned with chat masala, red onion, tomato, and fresh cilantro. It is crunchy, fresh, tangy, salty. I love it with the yogurt dipping sauce. 

Lately I have been disappointed with the lack of flavor in samosa stuffing at most Indian restaurants. Veerasway was the exception. I could taste onion, ginger, lemon, salt, green chilis, and spices in every bite of the stuffing. And it was delicious.

We ordered the mutter paneer with pea spouts, saag aloo, rice, and black pepper, cilantro, garlic naan. The mutter paneer was rich, creamy with a tomato base and pronounced cardamom. The dish had fresh peas and is topped with fresh pea sprouts. LOVED it. 

The saag aloo has fresh spinach and fingerling potatoes, with a touch of cream. Red chili, ginger, lemon, and cumin seeds added a kick and complexity to the dish.

At Veerasway, the ingredients are Indian inspired but the dishes are exciting and creative. The quality and freshness of the food was unsurpassed. Oh, and the naan is fabulous. 
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